THE UK's biggest airlines including British Airways, easyJet, Jet2, Ryanair, TUI and Virgin Atlantic have provided an update on the face mask rules onboard their flights.

Here's a round-up of what each airline have said when we asked them about the rules oboard - including whether or not crew will challenge passengers who do not wear a mask while flying with them.

What have British Airways said?

South Wales Argus:

A spokesperson from British Airways (BA) said: "We require all customers to wear a face covering at all times while on board."

BA added that the airline have information regarding face masks on their website,, in the terminal, at the gate, and this is reinforced by announcements at the gate and on board.


The airline's rules state: "If a customer qualifies for an exemption we do not expect them to wear a mask, however we strongly recommend they carry an exemption card, badge or sign to avoid being asked about their exemption status at various points in the journey."

What have Ryanair said?

South Wales Argus:

Ryanair say that passengers must keep their face mask on at all times. Ryanair crew will also be wearing face masks.

More information on Ryanair’s face mask policy can be found here:

What have Jet2 said?

South Wales Argus:

A Jet2 spokesperson told us: “As per the government rules, everyone must wear a face mask while travelling unless under the age of six or if they cannot for medical reasons. We have more information here:

“In line with our industry-leading customer service, we have developed an extensive programme of communications to inform everyone, both before and during travel, about our onboard safety measures – including the government guidelines regarding the wearing of face masks.

“Our highly trained crew continue to work hard to remind everyone of this for the good of everyone travelling.“

What have Virgin Atlantic said?

South Wales Argus:

A spokesperson from Virgin Atlantic told us: “To ensure the safety of our customers and our crew, it is mandatory for all travellers to wear a face mask for the duration of the flight.

"Customers will receive a Health Pack, placed on their seats which contains a PPE kit with three medical grade masks, surface wipes and hand sanitizer.

"Our cabin crew will be on hand throughout the journey to remind all customers to wear their masks for their safety and others.”

What have TUI said?

South Wales Argus:

A TUI UK spokesperson told us: "The health and safety of passengers is always our priority, our crew are trained to the highest standards and in line with European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) guidelines.

"Passengers are informed prior to travel and on their flight that they have to wear masks throughout and asked to limit movement around the cabin. Masks can only be removed when consuming food and drink.

"Our crew make announcements via the PA throughout the flight and have individual conversations with passengers where required.

"We also have measures in place that can result in us refusing to fly customers to/from their holiday should they not comply with the health and safety measures on-board."

What have easyJet said?

South Wales Argus:

A spokesman from easyJet said: "Passengers receive clear communications before they travel and via announcements onboard to ensure they are aware that, in line with new guidelines, they are required to wear a face mask onboard except when eating or drinking.

"Our cabin crew will always try to be vigilant to ensure that passengers comply. It is the responsibility of all onboard to adhere to these measures for the health and safety of everyone onboard.”   

A statement surrounding the use of face masks on easyJet's website added: "In order to help protect yourself and others on your journey, you will need to wear a suitable protective face mask for boarding at the gate and throughout your flight with us.

"This is mandatory on all easyJet flights and you will not be permitted to board if you arrive at the gate without one.

"You will also be required to wear a mask to enter and travel through the airport terminal at your departure and arrival airport.

"Only children under the age of six, and those with a valid medical reason supported by either a medical certificate, a document from a government website or a lanyard are exempt (the requirements are different by country).This must be available on request for airport staff and crew to see.

"Some local government authorities have introduced more specific requirements on the type of face mask that must be worn and the age requirement from which a mask must be worn. Here you will find government specific links with some helpful information, but please note this isn’t an exhaustive list and it’s important that you check government websites for the latest local government policies before you travel.

"Masks should typically be replaced every four hours, so please ensure that you, and those you are travelling with, have an adequate supply for the entire duration of your trip."