A NEWPORT bar which was closed for two days after a customer was diagnosed with coronavirus has reopened today following a deep clean.
Breeze Bar, a cocktail bar in Cambrian Road, informed customers that someone who has received a positive test was in the bar over the weekend.
According to the bar's owner, Jack Bannister, the customer was in the bar on Friday and Saturday night.

The individual is said to have spent the night in the VIP area of the bar.
Mr Bannister said that the premises had since undergone extensive cleaning.


He said: "Still take precautions though, if you're feeling unwell for any reason, follow the government guidelines, take no risks."
In a post on social media, Mr Bannister outlined the government advice to those who had visited the bar on the same night as the individual who had received a positive test.
"Due to the fact the person who tested positive spent his night in the VIP area, anybody located downstairs was at very low risk," he said.
"Anybody who was sharing a table, or who was within one metre for more than one minute - or was talking to him for 15 mins in one go or three separate occasions of five minutes, needs to self-isolate for up to 14 days, even if the test comes back negative.
"The environmental officer also specified that if you have no symptoms you will not be tested, so they need you to self-isolate according with government guidelines.
"Track and Trace will only go back two days after the test was actually taken. So, therefore anyone who was in on Friday night will not be contacted.
"However, my advise would be to get yourself tested at Rodney Parade just to be safe."
Mr Bannister expressed his gratitude to those who had offered support over the days the bar was closed.