NEW restrictions will be announced today limiting the number of people who can meet indoors in Wales to six.

The first minister will confirm the changes, which are due to come in to force on Monday, later today.

However, the changes will not apply to meeting outdoors, or to children under the age of 11 indoors.

Mr Drakeford explained that the Welsh Government were trying to limit the "emotional harm" of the virus.

While it was necessary to limit the size of indoor meetings, he said, it would not be "proportionate" to prevent grandparents from seeing their grandchildren.

Speaking to the BBC, the first minister said: "Our evidence is that young children do not pass on the virus in the same way as adults, nor do they suffer from the virus in the same way.

"There is more than one form of harm the virus brings.


"There is the direct harm of catching it, but also the social and emotional harm from not being able to meet our relatives.

"Where we are having to narrow down the numbers that are allowed to meet indoors we wanted to limit the damage that this would do to children.

"It would not be proportionate to stop people meeting outdoors."

Mr Drakeford also explained why there would be no new restrictions on the number of people allowed to meet outdoors, in contrast to England.

The Welsh Government have not seen evidence that the virus is spread in the same way outdoors, he said.

He added: "It was not spread outdoors in the sunlight like it was spread indoors.

"It would not be proportionate to stop people meeting outdoors."