FACEMASKS will be mandatory in shops and public enclosed spaces in Wales from Monday.

However, some people will be exempt from having to wear the mandatory face coverings.

This is where you will be required to wear a mask in Wales from next week.

Addressing the rule already in place, that facemasks must be worn on public transport, the Welsh Government say that some people will be exempt from having to wear one.

The guidance they set out states:

You may have a reasonable excuse not to wear a face covering if (for example):

  • You are not able to put on or to wear a face covering because of a physical or mental illness, or because of a disability or impairment;
  • You are accompanying somebody who relies on lip reading where they need to communicate; or
  • You are escaping from a threat or danger and don’t have a face covering.


You may also have a reasonable excuse to remove a face covering temporarily if (again, for example):

  • You need to take medicines;
  • You need to eat or drink, and this is permitted on the type of vehicle you are on; or
  • You need to remove a face covering in order to avoid harm or injury, either to yourself or others – for example to get somebody’s attention about a danger.

To prove that you are exempt from wearing a face covering, they advise having proof of your reason for not wearing one.

The Welsh Government website says: "Whether somebody has a reasonable excuse not to wear a face covering will not always be obvious.

"Disabilities and impairments are not always visible to others and respect and understanding should be shown to those who have good reasons not to wear face coverings.

"We advise passengers to carry information if possible which demonstrates why they have a reasonable excuse (for example a prescription or evidence such as a hospital appointment letter relating to a medical condition).

"A number of transport operators are also suggesting that those who have a reasonable excuse carry cards that can be downloaded from their websites and printed."