CORONAVIRUS has driven a Newport man to stop procrastinating and pursue his dream.

Ben Mathias, 36, of Ringland, has set up a private catering company – Top Knosh Catering – after the pandemic put his job at risk, forcing him to take action.

Mr Mathias, who has been a chef for more than 20 years, was working at a restaurant while trying to set up his own catering business, but found himself putting the process off.

South Wales Argus:

(Ben Mathias preparing food for an event)

When staff at the restaurant were sent a letter explaining that, due to coronavirus, there was no guarantee of work Mr Mathias took matters into his own hands.

“The letter made me really anxious," said Mr Mathias. "I don't blame the restaurant at all, but it felt like I was on a knife's edge wondering whether I’d lose my job.

"I knew I needed a Plan B and the virus is what pushed me to really knuckle down and get it set up properly, with a website and advertising.

“Lockdown gave me the time I needed to properly set up the business,”


Top Knosh Catering involves a team of private chefs and offers hot and cold buffets, grazing platters, bespoke services and more, catering to events large or small.

South Wales Argus:

“The workload has been massive, but I’m passionate about what I’m doing – with how much work it takes you have to be passionate," added Mr Mathias.

You can get in touch with Top Knosh Catering through their website, which offers a WhatsApp link or a contact form.

Alternatively, find them on Facebook or call 07576 820356.