ANOTHER NEWPORT school has had a pupil test positive for coronavirus.

Newport High School, in Bettws, have announced that a Year Nine pupil has been tested positive for coronavirus.

In an open letter, the school said: “As soon as the school was informed about the positive test result, prompt action was taken to safeguard the wellbeing of pupils, and staff.

“We fully understand the concern that this may cause, and can assure you that we have worked in close liaison with the Local Authority’s Health and Safety team and with Public Health Wales, to ensure that the environment at Newport High School remains as safe as possible for our pupils during these extraordinarily difficult times.”


In accordance with the National Health Protection Cell of Public Health Wales, all Year Nine students at Newport High School are self-isolating for 14 days.

They are due to return to school on Tuesday September 29, with home learning to be provided for the year group via Microsoft TEAMS.

Siblings of Year Nine students will still attend school, unless they – or someone in their household – has symptoms, in which case they should arrange to be tested as soon as possible.

Newport High School is still open for all other Year groups.