GWENT Police have warned residents to be on the look out for a scam in the area.

People have reported receiving an email claiming to contain a penalty charge notice.

The email, reportedly from HM courts and Tribunals Service, asks for payment for the penalty charge.

You should not reply or click links to pay.


Gwent Police gave the following warning to people who may have received the email.

They said: "We have been made aware of a scam.

"Here is how you can check for scam signs:

  • Check the sender's details
  • Move the cursor over the sender's address to see who it is from
  • Look for spelling errors.

"Fixed penalties aren't dealt with in county courts.

"If you’ve made a fraudulent payment:

"Tell your bank or payment service provider as they can stop further losses.

"Check to see if suspicious payments have left your account.

"Contact Action Fraud or report incidents to us by calling 101 or message us on our digital platforms."

South Wales Argus:

Scammers are increasingly relying on the Internet to achieve the results they want; to defraud you or to steal your identity.

The national fraud reporting centre, Action Fraud is where any online frauds should be reported. Their website has an online reporting form or you can call 0300 123 2040.


There are lots of scams circulating using email and social networks. They will ask for your personal details, bank or credit card numbers or online logins and passwords.

Be alert to online scams and don't click on links that you are not sure about. Never give people personal information or credit card details unless you can confirm who they are.