JESSICA Morden has criticised the "mean-spirited" UK government for applying tax deductions to a £500 bonus for care workers in Wales.

The Welsh Government had intended the bonus - a special, one-off reward to carers working during the coronavirus pandemic - be tax-free.

Speaking at Treasury Questions in the House of Commons, the Newport East MP asked the UK government to explain its decision.

She said: "Can the minister tell my constituents who are care workers why, when they have worked their hearts out and been given a £500 thank you by the Welsh Labour Government, this government sees fit to deduct money from them, leaving those on universal credit with around £125? That is just mean-spirited."


In response, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Steve Barclay, said the UK Government had allocated £4 billion to the Welsh Government to spend on devolved matters.

Later, Ms Morden said: "The minister's dismissive response was disappointing – this is a government that once encouraged us to clap care workers, and now spitefully chips away at a richly deserved goodwill payment for care workers.

"Ministers in Whitehall are undermining the Welsh Government and letting down the care workers who went above and beyond for us all during the pandemic."