GWENT has many lockdown tales to tell, but what are your favourites?

As Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared we were going into lockdown for three weeks from March, 23, who knew what life had in store for us all?

Six months on, we’ve taken a look back at some of the area's biggest, strangest and downright outrageous moments:

1. Clapping for our health workers on the 72nd anniversary of the NHS

South Wales Argus:

Nearly everyone joined in with the clap for our carers initiative (Jacob King/PA).

Clap for our carers ran for 10 weeks during the height of lockdown and saw us all stand outside our homes or clap out the windows on Thursdays at 8pm.

On July 5, the initiative returned to mark the 72nd anniversary of our NHS

Health minister Vaughan Gething thanked NHS workers for the risks they have taken with their own wellbeing to keep people safe during the coronavirus pandemic and urged the public to celebrate. 

2. The bundles of joy that made us all smile during lockdown

South Wales Argus:

Amid the misery of the pandemic and the potential loneliness of lockdown, the news stories that made many of us smile were the tales of babies born during the pandemic.

When times were tough and it seemed that we were stuck in a dystopian world, there was nothing quite like seeing fresh new life blooming.

Although the gorgeous bundles of joy could not be shown off in the ‘normal’ way to friends and family, the county enjoyed seeing the charming newborns across The Argus.

3. The epic Newport restaurant and residents helping to keep NHS full up through lockdown

South Wales Argus:

Tomas Kosler from The Pod delivering meals to the NHS

Through the height of lockdown The Pod in Clarence Place spearheaded a campaign to give back to the NHS through their 'Buy an NHS Hero Dinner' initiative. 

The restaurant and bar aimed to feed the frontline workers with healthy and nutritious food from homemade soups to cottage pie and vegetable curry.

Volunteer chefs worked around the clock to ensure healthy meals were delivered daily to fronline staff with the help of more than £10,000 in donations. 

4. The Caerphilly gran that stockpiled 60 toilet rolls -  and vowed never to use them 

South Wales Argus:

Jean Edmunds. Picture: Wales News Service

This potty gran beat the lockdown rush amid toilet roll gate with her collection of compedy loo paper. 

Jean Edmunds, 70, believed she had Britain's biggest collection of novelty loo rolls with more than 60. 

The NHS worker from Caerphilly started collecting when she was given a roll made out of fake $10 notes.

She also has a vast collection of more than 350 potties and goessunders - including one with Adolf Hitler's face.

5. Heartwarming music video by Children of  NHS workers

An 11-year-old boy from Abergavenny whose father was forced to live away from his family during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic made a music video with his friends, praising the work of NHS frontline staff. 

Charlie Thould's father is a nurse on the intensive care unit at Nevill Hall Hospital. Due to Charlie's mother being asthmatic, the family were not able to be together for weeks at a time. 

Adorable Charlie gathered his friends, who were also children of NHS staff to put together a fitting musical tribute. 

Have we missed out your favourite lockdown memory? Let us know in the comments.