A NEW campaign spearheaded by celebrity chef Matthew Pritchard has been launched to encourage recycling in Wales.

The ‘Be Mighty, Recycle’ has been launched by the Welsh Government during Recycling Week (September 21-27) in a bid to make Wales a world leader in recycling.

Wales has increased its recycling rate from five per cent in 1999 to more than 60 per cent now - the highest level in the UK and the third highest in the world.


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Masks, gloves, aprons - millions of items of PPE distributed by Newport council.

‘Be Mighty, Recycle’ encourages increased recycling in all forms, including items around the home such as aerosols, shampoo and shower gel bottles which are often overlooked.

It also looks at recycling food waste. Almost a quarter of rubbish is made up of food waste, which can instead be recycled through food waste collections.

The vegan chef joined food waste collection workers on their rounds as he showed his support for the campaign.

“Joining the collection workers on their round has been a real eye opener,” he said. “I can see for myself the colossal amount of food waste already being collected from people’s homes, there’s tonnes of it. And all this food waste gives us power – when it’s collected it’s treated and converted into electricity to power our homes.

“There’s still more we can all do. If like me, you spend loads of time in the kitchen, make sure all your inedible food waste is going to the right place.

“Fruit and vegetable peelings, tea bags and coffee grounds as well as any plate scrapings, cooked or not, can all go into your food waste bin.

“It’s really easy to do and it’s something we can all do to keep making Wales cleaner and greener. So, the challenge is on – let’s get Wales to number one.”

Deputy minister for housing and local government Hannah Blythyn, said: “Wales may be small but when it comes to recycling, we punch above our weight.

“Our efforts on recycling have become renowned across the World, whilst here in Wales it has become part of our culture. We have shown that we are a leader when it comes to recycling and everyone has played their part.

“But we know there are easy steps we can take to help us get to number one. Over the last few months, when we have been spending more time at home, we have become more aware of the waste we produce.

“It’s important that people recycle everything they can – from online order packaging, home schooling supplies and food waste.

“We are on an important journey to create a circular economy by keeping resources in use for as long as possible and avoiding waste. This campaign highlights the small changes every person across the country can make to be mighty and make a real difference in helping Wales tackle the climate change emergency.”