A BLAINA primary school will be closed to all pupils for two weeks because of a high number of school staff self-isolating.

Ystruth Primary School closed to pupils today (September 22) for two weeks, with learning going online, to protect the safety of its students.

In a statement, Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council said the closure was not due to the spread of coronavirus within the school environment, despite two positive cases.

The first case is reported to have come from the Robins Resource Base - confirmed on September 19, with the second confirmed the following day in the mixed Reception/Year 1 class.

The statement said: “Ystruth Primary School has had to consider the safety of continued operations today, due to the self-isolation status of both school and support service staff.

“The high level of self-isolation currently being experienced is not due to a significant increase in positive cases within the school.


“After working to explore all possible options, and in consideration of the fact that the safety and wellbeing of all pupils and staff is of paramount importance, on the advice of the Local Authority, it has been decided that the school will temporarily close.

“Ystruth Primary School is not closing due to the spread of COVID-19 within the school environment, but due to the fact that the school is not able to safely resource operations as per its COVID Secure Risk Assessment and in line with current Government, Health and Safety Executive and Public Health Wales guidelines/requirements.”

Students will continue to be supported and classes will continue via distance and remote learning.

It is thought that Ystruth primary is the first school in Wales to shut over coronavirus safety concerns.

The council said: “We want to assure you that effective safety measures have been and continue to be in place within Ystruth Primary School, which are followed strictly to limit any cross-contamination.

“We appreciate you continued support and understanding during these unprecedented and challenging times.”