HAVE you ever wondered where the most dangerous roads in Newport for cyclists are?

Earlier this year the Welsh Government announced it will invest more than £50 million into making Wales a safer place for cycling and walking. 

Newport City Council currently has a number of initiatives running, including the National Cycle Network which is used by cyclists and pedestrians in both rural and urban areas or the city. 

According to the latest government statistics, cycling increased by more than 300 per cent across the UK during the height of lockdown from March 16 to June 1. 

Crash Map is an interactive tool which allows you to see exactly where ‘fatal’, ‘serious’ or ‘slight’ accidents have happened in your area.

The data for the site is sourced from police and government databases up to 2019.

Director of campaigns for the national road safety charity, Brake, Joshua Harris said:

“We urgently need more investment in dedicated cycling infrastructure and we need safer vehicle speeds, including 20mph limits in our towns and cities."

South Wales Argus:

There were 85 reported cycling incidents on the roads in and around Newport between 2015 and 2019. 

One of the most dangerous accident blackspots is the Old Green Roudabout junction and Queensway, where there were four incidents. 

The east of the city also saw its fair share of accidents, with five incidents on Corporation Road and Vivian Road.

South Wales Argus:

In Maindee, the B4237 has five 'slight' accidents with a hotspot at the Wharf Road crossroads where two 'slight' accidents were reported in 2016 and 2018.

According to the data, the most dangerous stretch of road in Newport for cyclists is the A48 Southern Distributor Road as it skirts the River Usk between the junction with Usk Way and the junction with Alexandra Road, Pill. There were three 'serious' accidents in this five year period - the highest number of 'serious' accidents on any road in the city. 

Lighthouse Road by Duffryn Drive also had two reported 'slight' incidents both involving two vehicles in 2017. 

To find out if there were any accidents on your road, visit Crash Maps