A NEWPORT man has been jailed for six months, a sentence that should act as a "warning" to other criminals according to police.

Liam Slade, 30, appeared at Cardiff Magistrates' Court on Saturday, September 19.

Slade admitted failing to comply with a serious crime prevention order.

He was sentenced to six months in prison.

The officer in the case said the punishment would serve as a "warning" to anyone who would continue a "criminal lifestyle after being released".


Officer James Pottinger, with Gwent Police, said: “Once he came out of prison Liam Slade had the opportunity to leave the life of crime behind him.

"However, he chose to ignore the conditions imposed upon him by the court, which were put in place to protect the public from his offending.

“This sentence is a warning to anyone who believes they can continue their criminal lifestyle after being released.

“We’ll do all that we can to seek justice and take action against those who continue to offend.”