A NEW series about a farm in Wales will offer viewers an escape from the chaos of modern life.

For the first time, cameras have been given full access to presenter Kate Humble’s 117-acre farm in Monmouthshire, to film Escape To The Farm which premieres on Channel Five on October 13.

The four-part series was filmed over a month during national lockdown, with Ms Humble hoping the show will introduce people to a ‘beautiful area’ of Wales, offer insight into what it takes to run a farm, and bust some of the myths about farms.

South Wales Argus:

Kate Humble tends to the goats. Picture: Escape To The Farm/Channel Five

Having lived on her Humble By Nature farm for nearly a decade, the 51-year-old remains passionate. She said: “At a time of chaos and uncertainty there is nothing more comforting than being outside with animals.

“Being in touch with nature is very uplifting. There’s a lot of difficult news recently, and people are confused or anxious, but it’s important to step away.

“People shouldn’t bury their head in the sand, but it’s important to remember there are things worth remaining optimistic for.

“Farm life and looking after animals offers an escape from the things we can’t control. I hope everyone enjoys the show.”


Her farm has many animals, but Ms Humble says pigs are her favourite - she describes them as ‘wonderful, clever’ animals who are ‘incredibly comforting’.

“If you’re ever having a bad day, cuddle a pig!” she added.

South Wales Argus:

Although Kate Humble loves all her farm animals pigs are her favourite. Picture: Escape To The Farm/Channel Five

Escape To The Farm will give viewers an opportunity to see how the farm operates, while delivering some simple cooking lessons - using locally sourced ingredients - along the way.

“I’m certainly no threat to Mary Berry,” joked Ms Humble.“But one of the joys of producing food is cooking and eating it. Nothing compares and, if I can make it, then anybody can.”

South Wales Argus:

Kate Humble cutting and eating homemade bread. Picture: Escape To The Farm/Channel Five

The farm faced difficulties during national lockdown, but is now fully operational again.

On-site café, The Pig & Apple, which dishes up locally sourced food, has expanded to include takeaway options and Sunday lunches.Guests hoping to holiday at the farm can choose from a two-bed cottage, a shepherd’s hut, or a studio flat.

Plus, the farm offers numerous courses in various skills, with safety measures and government guidelines in place. Courses are generally outside or in big open spaces.

South Wales Argus:

Kate Humble isn't afraid to get her boots (or hands) dirty. Picture: Escape To The Farm/Channel Five

Although not her decision to make, Ms Humble said it would be ‘lovely’ to make more series of Escape To The Farm. As farms are a ‘celebration of each season’ she thinks it would be great to take people through each season (with this series filmed in summer).

Escape To The Farm debuts on Channel Five at 9pm on Tuesday October 13.