A DRUG dealer was left feeling like a drip after a plumber found 10kg of amphetamine worth £14,000 in his attic.

The workman was shocked to discover the hoard as he was carrying out a job at Sol Diamond’s rented flat in Abertillery.

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Steven Donoghue, prosecuting, said: “The defendant was a tenant and the plumber discovered a rucksack in the attic with packets of white powder inside.”

Cardiff Crown Court heard the police were alerted and they found an Apple iPhone with drug-related information during their search.


Small amounts of cocaine and ketamine were also recovered from Diamond’s flat.

Mr Donoghue said the amphetamine could have had a potential street value of £14,000.

He added officers also came across a debtors list which showed the defendant was owed nearly £3,000 by his customers.

Diamond, 22, of Aneurin Avenue, Sofrydd, pleaded guilty to possession of amphetamine with intent to supply and possession of cocaine and ketamine.

The offences were committed on September 14.

The defendant only had one previous conviction for an unrelated matter.

Owen Williams, representing Diamond, said his client had worked in the aircraft industry but had lost his job as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

He said the Bristol-born defendant had moved to the Gwent valleys as a child.

Mr Williams told the court: “He was unable to pay his bills after he was made redundant and he foolishly became involved in this criminal enterprise.

“That doesn’t excuse his behaviour though. His best mitigation is his guilty plea at the earliest opportunity.”

Judge Daniel Williams jailed Diamond for two years and told him he would have to pay a victim surcharge upon his release from prison.

The prosecution said they did not intent to pursue a Proceeds of Crime Act investigation.