A NEWPORT family have warning others to be vigilant after brazen thieves stole their car's catalytic converter.

Sadek Ali and his wife, who live on Wilson Street in Newport, had their main source of transport taken out of action after the converter - which is made of a high-value metal so is often targeted by thieves - was stolen.

According to the AA, claims for stolen catalytic converters have gone up from 32 in 2018, to 393 in 2019.

“Even if parts are replaced, they could come back and do the same again,” said Mr Ali.

“These criminals need to be stopped. Today it's happened to my family car, tomorrow it can be yours and where does it stop."

A spokesman for Gwent Police said: “We’ve received a report of a theft of a catalytic converter from a blue Honda Auris Hybrid at around 5.20am on Friday, October 2. The car was parked in Wilson Street, Newport.

“Gwent Police is appealing for any witnesses or any individuals who may have CCTV footage, dashcam footage or information relating to these incidents to contact Gwent Police on 101, quoting log reference 2000361165.


“You can also contact the force via social media on Facebook and Twitter and you can report any information anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

“Officers are reminding vehicle owners with catalytic converters to be vigilant and report anything suspicious to Gwent Police”.

AA have advice on their website for reducing the risk of catalytic converter theft:

  • Garage your car whenever possible
  • Park in well-lit busy areas
  • Look out for people working under cars
  • If the car's high risk, consider marking the metal shell of the converter with a unique mark so that if it is removed by thieves it will be easier to trace back to your vehicle
  • If you operate a small fleet, consider obstructing access to vehicles with high ground clearance by parking lower vehicles close by