A NEWPORT man has been given a criminal behaviour order (CBO) after a number of anti-social behaviour incidents in the city centre.

Mark Samuels, 44, was handed the three-year order at Newport Magistrates Court and he has been returned to prison for breaching the order by behaving anti-socially and causing nuisance to people working in and visiting the city centre.

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On his release, the CBO says that he must not engage or threaten to engage in any conduct capable of causing nuisance or annoyance, alarm, harassment or distress by either words or actions to anyone in the city of Newport.


He also must not enter Commercial Street, Commercial Road, Wyndham Street, High Street, Friars Walk and Griffin Street.

He also must not urinate or defecate in any public open space including shop doorways and is not allowed to beg from anyone in the city.

He will be able to be arrested if any of these are broken.

PC Chris Butt, Newport’s crime and disorder officer, said: “We are committed to making Newport city centre a safe and pleasant place for all and enforcing this order is a part of that.

“We are pleased that this CBO has been granted, it will be welcomed by visitors, shoppers and retail staff.

“Criminal behaviour orders are used as a last resort after all other efforts to engage and support the individual through partner agencies have failed, but we hope this CBO will also encourage Samuels to accept the support available.”

If anyone sees Mark Samuels breaching the order, they are asked to call 101.