A CAERLEON pub has made the decision to exclude those under the age of 21 following a mass brawl on the town's high street.

The Ye Olde Bull Inn has now made the decision to implement an age limit for patrons and will no longer allow those aged younger than 21 to enter the premises on Friday and Saturday nights.

The incident, involving some 30 people - some of which have now been barred from the Ye Olde Bull - happened shortly after the 10pm 'kicking out time' on Saturday, October 10.

In a social media post the team at the Ye Olde Bull said: "Due to the behaviour of a minority, our management team have made the decision that we are now strictly an over-21+ venue on a Friday and Saturday.

"To the individuals who last night behaved irresponsibly, we will not tolerate your behaviour. We will not tolerate your abuse to our staff. We have your names and you are banned from our venue.


"The actions of your small group caused a huge amount of anxiety to others. Your actions are putting 30 jobs of local people at risk. But more so, your actions are putting lives at risk.

"To our local community, we are embarrassed that the anti-social behaviour of these individuals happened after being asked to leave our premises.

"We have done everything we possibly can to ensure the venue is a safe space for people to socialise.

"This already difficult situation becomes even harder when a minority of people do not respect the guidelines in place.

"This behaviour is not a reflection of 99 per cent of our loyal clients."

The brawl was captured on film by an eyewitness and was attended by Gwent Police's dog squad.

An increased police presence was put in place in the area.

No arrests were made and no injuries reported.