A NEW local lockdown system was announced for England yesterday, but how do they compare with lockdown life in Wales?

Prime minister Boris Johnson unveiled a three-tier local lockdown system for England yesterday.

Each tier, ranked medium, high and very high in terms of risk, will have its own set of regulations.

This is what each tier will look like.

But how does it compare to Wales?

The main difference, in all three tiers, to Wales is that there is no travel restrictions in place for those in lockdown.

In Wales you must have a reasonable excuse to leave your county area if it is in local lockdown.

This can include travelling for work, healthcare or childcare reasons.

But in England, no such rules are in place, even in if a county is in the "very high" risk tier.

Asked about this in the House of Commons, the PM said while it is not illegal for people from higher risk areas to travel, the guidance is "very clear" in saying people from places like Merseyside "should not be making those journeys".

When it comes to socialising, people in local lockdown can meet outdoors with up to 30 people, or their gardens with up to six people.


Welsh Government guidance says: "Up to a maximum of 30 people can meet outdoors but for the time being they will need to be people who also live in the area.

"You should continue to socially distance from people outside your household.

"Visitors can also go through the house to reach the garden if needed.

"Only people who live within your area should visit your garden for the time being.

"Also, please think carefully about whether visits should take place.

"If anyone has symptoms of coronavirus, visits should not take place."

Earlier this month, special arrangements were also put in place to allow an adult living on their own, or a single parent, to meet with someone indoors.

In England, the rules vary depending on what tier your county is in.

Those in tier one, the medium tier, can continue to meet in adherence with the rule of six policy, both outdoors and in gardens.

In the high tier, mixing indoors will be prohibited, but the rule of six will continue to apply outdoors.

While if your area is placed in the very high tier social gathering will be banned, including in gardens.

When it comes to pubs, the rules are largely similar for both England and Wales.

Providing safety measures are in place, pubs can remain open until 10pm.

This is the case in lockdown areas in Wales, and in the medium and high tier in England.

However, in the very high tier pubs will be forced to close, though they can remain open if they can prove that they are operating solely as a restaurant with alcohol only served with a meal.