GAVIN and Stacey star Joanna Page wants to film a new Christmas special "every year until the end of time."

The actress, 43, gave a boost to fans who hope their favourite comedy will return to our screens.

Ms page would lover to play Stacey with her fellow actors every single year in specials.


The Christmas special was watched by an impressive 11.6 million people - smashing the record for the biggest festive ratings in a decade.

Ms Page, who first starred as Stacey in 2007, said: "If they carried on doing a special every single year for the rest of our lives we'd all be happy.

"Because it's so well written and it's such a lovely job, working with that group of people.

"I just love being in scenes with these actors and having them make me laugh.

"I would be more than happy if they do Christmas specials every year until the end of time."

But she says she is "utterly clueless" over whether the show, set in Barry, will return to British screens.

Ms Page, of Swansea, is now set to take up a lush new role presenting her own radio show.

The show will take over from the slot from The One Show's Alex Jones and air on BBC Radio Wales on Sunday mornings.

She said: "If you're fans of anything I've done you'd better tune in."

It comes after a year of home-schooling her three children through lockdown with actor husband James Thornton.

Ms Page, who is mum to Eva, seven, Kit, five, and three-year-old Noah, says she went straight to Swansea when lockdown first lifted.

She said: "When lockdown was lifted we went straight down to see my parents and to see the sea and we went in swimming. Something about being in lockdown, I just wanted to swim. I wanted to dance a lot and go in the sea."

The actress now says she is looking forward to the festive season and hopes to see the return of the comedy in years to come.

She added: "I've spent 10 years saying 'there won't be anymore, there won't' so now I'm just utterly clueless.

"Are they going to surprise us with one more? I wouldn't be surprised about that, but then I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't anymore and Ruth and James were happy with how it went and draw a line under it."

Her new radio show will start on October 18.