A CRACKDOWN on fly-tipping in Ringland has resulted in an "incredible" improvement to the area.

Over recent months, there has been a significant increase in fly-tipping in the area behind Ringland shops. Along with being an eyesore, it also tipping causes serious health and safety risks, including fire risks for people living in the area.

Social housing provider Newport City Homes has been working with Ringland residents and Newport City Council to tackle the issue.

Resident services officer Mark Chircop, said: “At one point, we were collecting up to two small lorry loads of illegally dumped rubbish a day from the site. This is unacceptable and simply not fair to residents who manage their waste in a responsible way.

“We worked with Newport City Council (NCC) to find those responsible for this anti-social behaviour and bring them to justice.

“We did this by going through the fly-tipped waste to find out who had dumped their rubbish. This resulted in NCC issuing 18 Stage One Warning Notices to people whose waste they found in the dumped rubbish.

“Since then, there’s been a huge reduction of fly-tipping in the area. We’ve gone from removing up to 250 black bags worth of fly-tipped rubbish a day to around 20 bags a week.

“This is an incredible achievement, and we couldn’t have done it without working in partnership.

“We want to thank Ringland residents for helping us achieve this and taking such pride in your community. By working together and supporting each other, we’re making our communities safer and nicer places to live."

Newport City Homes has reminded residents that if they fly-tip action will be taken; culprits could end up with an Acceptable Behaviour Contract notice and a fine.

They’ve also reminded people that they can be liable if their waste is fly-tipped so, when paying someone to take waste away, ensure that they are licensed to do so.


Cllr Roger Jeavons, Newport City Council’s cabinet member for city services, said: “Illegally dumping it is not fair on other residents and has a cost, both to the environment and to those who have to pay to remove it.

“I’m delighted that the council has been able to work in partnership with Newport City Homes to tackle this problem in Ringland with such positive results and I would like to thank the employees from both organisations for their hard work.

“Finally, I would like to warn others who are considering fly-tipping that we will do everything in our power to identify those responsible and we will take action against you. Perpetrators face fines of up to £50,000 and up to 12 months in prison.”