BORIS Johnson’s refusal to “protect the people of Wales” is “baffling”, according to the first minister.

Mark Drakeford said he had still not received a reply from the prime minister over proposed travel restrictions that would prevent people from high prevalence areas of the UK travelling to low incidence areas of Wales.

The first minister described the plans as “simple” and “straight-forward”, saying they were about protecting vulnerable communities in Wales.

Mr Johnson’s refusal to act, said Mr Drakeford, was “baffling”.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast this morning, the first minister said: “I am genuinely baffled by the prime ministers unwillingness to take action which I think is very simple and straight forward and would have reinforced the sense we are acting together across the UK.

“I never wanted this to become an issue of the border and people travelling in and out of Wales.

“I have always thought it is an issue of high incidence areas and low incidence areas wherever they may be.

“The prime minister says he has issued guidance. The problem with that is that police cannot take action on the basis of guidance.”


He went on to say that there was still time for the prime minister to act himself.

The first minister added: “The prime minister could have acted, he could have helped people in Wales and else were to protect themselves from the flow of the virus in to areas where it is still effectively suppressed.

“He could have done that together in a way that would have reinforced the suggestion that we are acting together across the UK.

“The prime minister can contact me today and still change his mind. Then we would not have to what we are doing.

“But so far I have had no success in persuading him to these simple straight forward actions.

“I am obliged to take action to keep Wales safe.”