SINCE moving to Newport 15 years ago, this avid photographer has set up her own businesses and just recently built her own studio during lockdown.

Malgorzata Szydlik, from Gdansk in Poland, came to Newport in 2005, and originally planned to stay for a few months and then move elsewhere.

“As we know life does not always work as we wish, and I stayed in Newport," she said. "Every party, every walk, coffee time, people knew I would be there, and I will be with my camera.

“One day someone asked me how much I would charge if they would decide to book me. This was the moment when I started to think I could do this as a side job.

“I decided to register as a photographer in 2017. Most of my work was from events and I loved it.

“When I was shooting events people were coming to me for a chat. From that I started to pick up weddings, business shoots and all other types of photography.

“I joined Dragons of Newport network group last year and during their BIG Breakfast Events I was able to meet the business community from most of south Wales”.

As Ms Szydlik was preparing for the year ahead with her business, MKS Photography, the whole of the UK was put into lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“In the beginning this was a big shock,” she added.


“I was scared for my business, my family, our health. I never had so much time to relax and think in my life during this lockdown.

“I started to practice food photography more than ever – not just simply taking photos of my dinner – but all the choreography included in this.

“Food cooking, styling, lighting. I am practicing the skill everyday and my portfolio is growing, and I am incredibly happy about it.

“This pushed me to open my own studio, it is not excessively big, but comfortable for the session”.

Ms Szydlik always wanted a studio but could not afford rent. So, during lockdown she came up with the idea to build a huge shed in her garden in Malpas at 26 Penny Crescent.

“For the business purpose I mostly meet clients in their own premises, but sometimes they have not got such a space and the weather is not good enough to shoot outside,” she said.

“Not everyone feels so comfortable to be photographed in coffee shops or other public spaces, I am giving them comfort of privacy”.

Find out more on Facebook at @mksphototography.