GWENT's roads are the safest in Wales.

The latest figures released by the Welsh Government show that fewer people died on roads in Gwent than anywhere else in Wales.

The number of fatalities in Gwent in 2019 was 17.

This is lower than the equivalent numbers for the North Wales Police area, South Wales Police area, and Dyfed Powys Police area.

There were five deaths on Newport roads in 2019, and three in each of Caerphilly, Blaenau Gwent, Torfaen and Monmouthshire.

In comparison, there 30 deaths in West Wales, 29 in the area covered by South Wales Police, and 18 in North Wales.

There were also fewer serious injuries sustained in the Gwent Police area than elsewhere in Wales.

Of the 179 people seriously injured in Gwent, 55 were in Newport, 43 in Caerphilly and 41 in Monmouthshire.

Blaenau Gwent saw 23 serious injuries and there were 17 sustained in Torfaen.

In total there were 715 deaths and injuries on Gwent roads in 2019, again the lowest in Wales.


North Wales Police registered 926, Dyfed Powys Police saw 1,143, while there were 1,546 in the South Wales Police area, more than double those in Gwent.

Gwent Police said it was committed to making the region's roads safer.

Their operational support chief inspector, Martyn Smith, said: “We are committed to keeping Gwent roads safe and work continuously with our partners to reduce collisions and the number of people killed or seriously injured on our roads as well as take action against any road users found to be breaking the law.

“We operate a zero tolerance approach to anyone identified to be driving illegal and regularly run operations and campaigns based on the fatal 5 offences; failing to wear a seatbelt, drink and drug driving, dangerous driving including unnecessary risk taking, speeding and using a mobile phone whilst driving.

“That said, one collision on our roads is one too many. There is always more to be done and we will not become complacent in this area of our work.”

The so-called "fatal five" offences are:

  • driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • speeding
  • careless driving
  • using a mobile phone while driving
  • not wearing a seat belt.