SOUTH Wales East MS David Rowlands is one of two Brexit Party members of the Senedd to join a newly established party.

Mr Rowlands, along with North Wales MS Mandy Jones and Independent MS for South Wales West Caroline Jones, has formed the Independent Alliance For Reform.

The party was granted approval on Friday, and says it will be “focused on bringing much needed reform to devolution in Wales.”


The move was confirmed by Brexit Party chairman Richard Tice.

“As with politics in the rest of the UK, Wales is polarised between those who are desperately clinging on to the status quo and those who want to abolish everything and start again,” said Mr Tice.

“Both options would be bad for democracy in Wales. This group has been designed to represent that positive middle ground, where the focus will be on reforming the things that don’t work and improving upon those things that do.

After being confirmed as the Independent Alliance for Reform group leader, Caroline Jones MS said: “As a group of individuals who have campaigned for many years to secure Brexit, our next big challenge is to deliver for Wales on all of the opportunities that British independence can bring. 

“This will be a group committed to engaging with voters in Wales ahead of potential elections next year; to be their voice in deciding how devolution in Wales could work better for the people of our country.

“This won’t be a group offering more of the same, nor will we be obsessed with just scrapping everything. This will be a group focused on the thing our politics needs most, reform."