A THIRD-STRIKE burglar with a drink problem is back behind bars after being caught in the act by his neighbour while he was raiding his home.

Connor Greenslade, 25, of Newlyn Road, Pantside, Newbridge, was living in Abercarn when he committed the “opportunistic” offence, Newport Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Christopher Evans said: “The victim had fallen asleep on the sofa after having left the front and back door of his house unlocked.

“He was awoken in the early hours of the morning by a noise coming from his kitchen.


“The complainant confronted the defendant and told him to get out who then ran away through the garden.”

Greenslade pleaded guilty to committing the burglary on November 9, 2019.

Mr Evans said the defendant had five previous convictions for 11 offences, including two for burglary in 2014 and 2015.

He received a 10-month custodial sentence for the latter burglary.

Julia Cox, mitigating, said her client was “haunted” by a childhood trauma.

She told the court Greenslade was an engineer who has worked all over the UK.

Miss Cox added that the defendant was receiving help from Alcoholics Anonymous for his drinking problem.

She said: “He wants to lead a law-abiding life.”

Judge Daniel Williams told Greenslade: “In the early hours of the morning you decided in drink to burgle your neighbour in Abercarn.

“You invaded his home. When he confronted you, he told you in no uncertain terms to leave.

“You left without taking anything.”

The judge added: “You went into this with your eyes open although your mind was probably clouded by drink.”

The minimum tariff for a three-strikes burglar is three years but credit had to be applied to the custodial sentence because of the defendant’s guilty plea.

Greenslade was jailed for 876 days and ordered to pay a victim surcharge upon his release from prison.