A TEENAGER from Newport has been locked up for more than three years for a series of drugs offences.

Lewis Harry, 19, was caught by plain-clothes police officers with bags of cocaine and cannabis in his pockets and more than £200 hidden in his sock.

Officers had spied Harry entering a lane in Alway with another man, and swooped in when they saw money on display.

That incident, on May 15, was the second time Harry had been caught with drugs, Cardiff Crown Court heard on Thursday.

He had also been arrested on March 9 in Swallow Way, Newport, when he tried to leave a house officers were visiting on an unrelated matter.


On that occasion, an "extremely nervous" Harry was found with small bags of cocaine and a quantity of crack cocaine.

The court heard how Harry, of Greene Close, Newport, had told officers on both occasions the drugs were for his own use.

But the police recovered mobile phones from the defendant on each occasion, finding drug-related 'text bombs' sent to dozens of prospective customers.

Judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke said evidence from a police expert showed an "established sale and supply network".

Harry had been released under investigation following the Swallow Way incident, but two months later Gwent Police found him again with illegal drugs, this time in Alway.

Officers cornered Harry, who "obviously panicked" and ditched his bicycle in a bid to escape.

They searched him and found bags of cannabis and £40 in cash. He admitted also having cocaine in his pocket, and then officers found two bundles of cash in his sock, amounting to £205.

Roger Griffiths, prosecuting, said the total street value of the drugs seized in both incidents would have been around £360.

Scott Bowen, defending, told the court Harry had been living "a normal, productive life" until the beginning of this year, when his employment and relationship had ended.

Harry's life then "spiralled out of control" and he started using cannabis and cocaine.

Mr Bowen said a "naive" Harry had been offered the chance to pay off his own drug debts by selling drugs.

Harry has no previous convictions, and at an earlier court appearance admitted three counts of possession with intent to supply Class-A drugs and one count of supplying a Class-B drug.

The judge said Harry had been involved in "street dealing for financial gain".

She noted the defendant's previous good character, but said she had "no doubt those who deal Class-A drugs must receive a custodial sentence".

Harry was sentenced to a total of three years and nine months in a young offenders' institution.