WHAT will you do with your extra hour this Sunday?

It may seem like a long time ago since late night sunsets but this weekend marks the official end of British summer time, clocks will be going back an hour on Sunday, 25 October at 2am.

Thanks to daylight savings, we all gain an extra hour this weekend as clocks 'fall back'.

Clocks should automatically change on smartphones and computers, but analog or older devices may need to be changed manually. 

Daylight savings brings darker, longer nights and shorter days - clocks will go forward and we will lose an hour on Sunday, March 28 2021. 

Here are some of the things you could do with that extra hour in Newport this weekend:

Cook up a delicious Sunday lunch

South Wales Argus:

As we settle into our first weekend back in lockdown, what better way to top it off than with a heart-warming Sunday roast? 

Although we have some of the best Sunday roast spots in the city, a homecooked roast is very hard to beat - especially because it's way cheaper to make it at home. 

During your weekly shop be sure to pick up your favourite meat, or alternative and some of the best seasonal veggies, why not even grab some pigs in blankets?

Visit Belle Vue Park

An easy way to enjoy your extra hour this weekend is by heading out to Belle Vue Park or one of the many other parks and walks in our area. 

Get some fresh air and head space alone by walking through this stunning Victorian park or take the whole family out to enjoy the park and playground which is now open. 

Why not stop off at the lovely tea rooms for a hot drink and a slice of cake?

Finally open that book you've been meaning to read

South Wales Argus:

I'm you are like me then you will have a list as long as your arm of books recommended by your friends that you just 'have' to read.

With the speed of life picking back up in the recent months and everything feeling just a little bit chaotic at times, it can be hard to find a moment of peace to get stuck into a book.

Perhaps we can all try and use the extra hour on Sunday as a little gift to ourselves and use it wisely to enjoy a moment or two of peace and quiet - whether that be reading a book or magazine or finally starting that hyped-up series. 

Online Yoga class 

South Wales Argus:

Wind down your weekend, feel the present moment and use your extra hour this Sunday to relax. 

Hot Yoga Health has a range of live streamed yoga classes to take part in daily, with two to choose from on Sunday to suit your schedule. 

Take a deep breath and try out a virtual yin yoga class at 5pm, single online classes cost £12 and you need to sign up beforehand. 

Enjoy Huck Finn Jubilee livestream 

If you're into a bit of American country music then this could be the ideal way to enjoy that extra hour on Sunday. 

The Huck Finn Jubilee is a Bluegrass music festival that usually takes place in Ontario, California. But due to the global pandemic we are able to enjoy the festival from across the world this year as it is being live streamed. 

There will be live gigs along with classic sets from their past festivals, interviews with artists and prizes on offer. 

Now in its 43rd year the festival welcomes on average 50,000 guests per year.

The event is ticketed with a pay what you think the event deserves. More information can be found on their event page.

What will you be doing with your extra hour? Let us know in the comments.