A COUNCILLOR who promoted theories linking coronavirus cases with 5G masts has resigned from his party, claiming the council supports “the government’s false Covid narrative”.

Blaenau Gwent councillor Mark Holland has resigned from the Independent group, but it is understood he will remain a county borough councillor.

He said: “I can no longer follow the false government narrative over Covid-19, the impact that this is having on health care issues including lack of cancer care, mental health, suicide rates, not to mention the dire effect this is now having on our economy and businesses.”

Posting on Facebook, he said that he resigned “because my conscience would not allow me to follow the government’s false Covid narrative which the council supports”.

“I am still a councillor and am considering an offer from a new political party that supports my beliefs,” he added.

Cllr Holland previously posted that “a so-called virus” was “being used to disguise radiation from 5G masts designed for killing”.

He suggested a link between a spike in coronavirus cases in Brynmawr with a 5G mast in the area.

There is no evidence of a link between 5G and coronavirus and such theories have been rejected by scientific experts in the World Health Organisation.

Abertillery and District Labour Party wrote to council leader, Cllr Nigel Daniels, last week calling for Cllr Holland to be removed from the Independent group.

“The damage his posts could do to impressionable and vulnerable people are incalculable,” the letter said.

“He promotes the pandemic as a hoax, a killer virus as a deception, he promotes mass gatherings and mocks wearing a mask, he is a conspiracy theorist. His opinions are dangerous.”


Cllr Holland has denied that he is “a conspiracy theorist” and has stood by his views of there being a link between 5G and coronavirus cases.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Cllr Daniels repeated that the views of Cllr Holland were not shared by himself, or any other member of the Independent group.

“As leader of the council, and together with the Independent group, I have considered this matter very carefully and seriously, and have responded fully in writing to the concerns raised by the Abertillery District Labour Party,” he said.

“Prior to receiving correspondence from Abertillery District Labour Party I had already consulted with the council’s monitoring officer for advice regarding any potential code of conduct issues.

“As a result of this, we requested that councillor Holland immediately remove any posts that made reference to the council, which has been actioned.

“Any complaints made to the council in relation to this matter will be referred to the Ombudsman for Wales, which is the usual process for complaints in relation to elected member conduct.”