A SOUP kitchen, backed by community champions, opens in Newport tomorrow.

Feed Newport CIC is a social enterprise, run by volunteers and director Tariq Khan, which aims to help vulnerable people in Newport – including the homeless, refugees, elderly, victims of domestic abuse, and more.

Tomorrow it is officially launching its new soup kitchen at their base in Commercial Road.

The base already operates as a food bank, getting referrals from a whole range of organisations including Newport City Council, housing association Pobl and more.

South Wales Argus:

Danielle Powell (Tesco), Hasan Saddam (chef), Gem Walker (chef/secretary), and Harriet Cleet (volunteer)

As Feed Newport CIC is independent the group has reached out to local businesses and community champions who are supporting this latest venture.

Feed Newport CIC works with Fairshare, which gives them surplus from supermarkets such as Tesco in Spytty.

Danielle Powell, community champion at Spytty Tesco, said: “I volunteer here once a week and Tesco provides surplus two times a week.

“I read about Feed Newport CIC in the South Wales Argus so got involved and I’ve helped ever since – they’re so friendly and always coming up with amazing ideas.

“I’m really excited for the soup kitchen which will help people in the community.”

Tesco Spytty is also due to launch this year’s Wrap Up Newport – an annual coat collection campaign to help the homeless – on November 12, subject to coronavirus restrictions.

Wrap Up Newport will mean 30 boxes, from Cardboard Box Company, will be put around Newport to collect donations.

The new soup kitchen is also backed by the community champion of Morrisons in Orb Drive, Andrea Griffin, who has spent around four years in her role.

Ms Griffin said: “I received an e-mail a few months ago that introduced me to Feed Newport CIC and we’ve helped them ever since.

“The work they do is marvellous; we help them with toiletries, food, socks, etc.”

Morrisons is also planning a Christmas meal for 10 homeless people, to be hosted at the store café after hours.

Co-op community champion Lisa Ayres is also backing Feed Newport CIC – with Co-op’s High Cross and Somerton stores supporting numerous charities and ventures.


Ms Ayres said: “I’m pleased that food waste gets used by chosen community groups and we aim do lots in the community, especially during coronavirus.

“I’ve heard great things about Feed the Homeless CIC and Tariq is an angel – we like to help where possible.”

Eventually it is hoped that the soup kitchen, which will run on Saturdays and Sundays, will have full-time staff, with Mr Khan hoping to have guest chefs from local businesses get involved on occasion.

A former refugee, who has now been granted asylum, Hasan Saddam, will help cook at the soup kitchen.

He is a qualified baker who wants to “give back to the community”.

Along with soup the kitchen will have a ‘meal deal’ menu offering vulnerable people a main meal, snack and hot or cold drink.

Subject to availability, people who are not in need can pay £3.50 for the mega meal with these donations helping run Feed Newport CIC.

Mr Khan, who is also an NHS worker, said: “We are excited for our soup kitchen; a full belly makes people feel better and want to look after their wellbeing.

South Wales Argus:

Andrea Griffin, Lisa Ayres, and Danielle Powell have pledged support to Feed Newport CIC

“The soup kitchen will play a vital role in helping people and sign posting them to great services offered by organisations we work with.

“Kindness and compassion does volumes; we’re trying to capture the imagination of the public, but with no major support it feels almost like an underground movement.

“Companies and organisations have corporate social responsibility which is why we reach out to them to see if they can help.

“The soup kitchen is a clean and safe environment, which aims to help everyone: the lonely, homeless, refugees, people with mental health problems and so on.

“Don’t be ashamed – you’ll be greeted with a smile and a warm welcome here.”

Feed Newport CIC hopes that eventually the soup kitchen will have official charity status and full-time staff, but admit it will be a lot of “trial and error”.

Their soup kitchen is just one aspect of the various things they do for the community.

To keep up to date with news and events find ‘Feed Newport CIC on Facebook’ or ‘Feed Newport – Soup Kitchen.’