THE full details of fines which will be imposed for breaking lockdown rules in Wales over the next fortnight have been revealed.

The Welsh Government has published the regulations that will govern the circuit breaker lockdown.

New rules come into force at 6pm today.

People caught breaking the regulations could be fined as much as £10,000, with fines starting at £60.

Much like earlier lockdowns, repeat offenders will be fined more for each offence.

The rules, published yesterday, say: "An enforcement officer may issue a fixed penalty notice to anyone that the officer reasonable believes has committed an offence under these regulations and is aged 18 or over."

The regulations state that anyone who found to be organising an unlicensed music event must be fined £10,000.

Any other offences, it makes clear, should result in a £60 fine, and a sliding scale will be introduced to hit repeat offenders harder.

Those receiving their second notice will be fined £120.


A third penalty notice will result in a £240 fine, and a fourth will see a £480 fine.

This will double again, with a fifth notice being met with a £960, and any further notices from then on resulting in a £1,920 fine.

However, a fixed penalty notice can specify that if £30 is paid within 14 days, that could be sufficient payment.

Announcing the two week fire break lockdown, first minister Mark Drakeford said: "Unless we act the NHS will not be able to look after the number of people who are falling seriously ill, even with the extra 5,000 beds we have available for this winter.

"Most striking of all, more people will die from this virus.

"Between Friday, October 23, and November 9, everyone in Wales will be required to stay at home.

"This means working from home wherever that is possible.

"The only exceptions will be critical workers and where working from home is simply not possible."