THERE will be a continued police presence at the Severn Crossings, the health minister has said.

Vaughan Gething confirmed today that police would continue to "enforce the laws of Wales".

Police officers carried out patrols near the second Severn crossing on Friday, coinciding with the new lockdown restrictions in Wales.

Motorcyclists from Gwent Police's Operations and Support team conducted a series of vehicle checks near the M4 Prince of Wales Bridge.

Asked whether people should expect to continue to see police presence at the border, Mr Gething said: "It is a very simple stay at home message.

"Police are going about educating and engaging with people, and enforcing the rules if they need to.

"I have seen a policing report from the weekend that reflects very good levels of compliance.


"There have been a few incidents where there has been a need to undertake some enforcement.

"Whilst we are in a stay at home period just as we were in the first period of time in the pandemic, then you can expect the police to enforce the laws of Wales.

"It is a simple matter of doing what is right. They are doing their part to keep Wales safe."

The health minister said everyone in Wales had a role to play, adding: ""e all need to do our part as well."

That message echoed the words of first minister Mark Drakeford speaking about the border last week.

Mr Drakeford said: "Regrettable as it is, people from outside Wales must not come to Wales.

"These measures are not to keep people away, they’re not because we don’t look forward to visits, but now is not the moment.

"We need your help as much as we need the help of people who live in Wales."