WALES' Health Minister has said more clarity is needed on supermarket regulations during Wales' firebreak lockdown.

Wales is currently in a firebreak lockdown which started on October 23 and ends on November 9, with supermarkets now only selling 'essential' items except in 'exceptional circumstances.'

Mr Gething said: "We’ve had feedback from supermarkets and a range of other retailers over how the first weekend has gone."


He referenced a 'well-advertised' example of an individual store doing something that other stores have not - a reference to a Tesco store which roped off sanitary products. Tesco has since apologised for this mistake.

Mr Gething stated that retailers are learning by themselves and between themselves to ensure there is a 'consistent application' of what rules and guidance are in place.

Mr Gething said: “That should mean greater clarity - not just for businesses and their workers - but for the public as well.

“I do think that greater clarity and consistency will be helpful for all of us in making sure we all understand what we can do."

With coronavirus cases and deaths continuing to rise across Wales, Mr Gething said it is vital that guidance such as that relating to shopping is followed.

“It’s important to think about what we can do and what we’re going to do together to reduce the loss of life that we’ll otherwise see here in Wales,” he said.