LOCAL lockdown restrictions will end with the end of the firebreak period in Wales.

Parts of the country, including most areas of Gwent, were subject to restrictions long in advance of the firebreak lockdown.

Caerphilly has been living under local lockdown restrictions since early September, while Newport, Blaenau Gwent and Torfaen have also been subject of tighter regulations.

Those restrictions not be resumed on November 9, when the firebreak period comes to an end.

In their place will be new national regulations for the entirety of Wales.

Counsel general Jeremy Miles said the intention is for the new regulations to be "less restrictive" than those currently in place.

He said: "The intention and the hope is to have a national set of regulations, rather than the local pattern that we saw in the lead up to the firebreak period.

"Ideally these national restrictions will be simpler as well.


"The intention is for the new provisions to be less restrictive than the the provisions that we are working and living with at the moment.

"There are a various number of options on the table around how some these things will work, and decisions in oner area can impact decisions in other areas.

"These questions are under live consideration by ministers and I hope it won't be much longer before these decisions are made and we can give you more details."

Mr Miles also expressed his gratitude to people who have been living with restrictions for some time.

The counsel general said that their efforts made a difference in keeping the coronavirus under control.

He added: "I want to recognise the contribution that people in those parts of Wales that have been subject to local restrictions have been making for a period before this national firebreak.

"It is important for you to know that the restrictions that you lived with, and the measures you took to respond to them, did make a difference.

"The reason for the firebreak is not because they made no difference, it is because the virus was spreading faster than we could respond using those measures.

"But in all parts of Wales people have made a significant contribution before this firebreak have been brought in."