A FORMER patient who was found near a dentist's home with a crossbow has been jailed for breaching a restraining order.

Tom Baddeley was arrested in Chepstow on October 7 as he approached Ian Hutchinson's dental surgery in Chepstow.

Baddeley, 42, was spotted by a police officer despite efforts to disguise his identity by wearing a baseball cap, face mask and dark sunglasses.

At Cardiff Crown Court today (Thursday), Baddeley was jailed for two years for breaching an indefinite restraining order, made by the same court in August to protect a "terrified" Mr Hutchinson.


Today, Nigel Fryer, prosecuting, told the court there was "quite a bit of history" to the case.

As the Argus reported previously, Baddeley was sentenced in August for a "sinister" incident near Mr Hutchinson's home last November.

After a member of the public saw a driver behaving suspiciously and wearing a balaclava, police officers stopped and searched the car, being driven by Baddeley.

Inside the boot they found a crossbow and bolts, a knife, a ski mask, gloves, bleach, plastic sheets, and cleansing wipes.

Collectively the items were described as a "murder kit" when Baddeley was originally sentenced for the offence.

Today, the court was reminded how officers later searched Baddeley's home, finding detailed surveillance notes on Mr Hutchinson's whereabouts and movements.

When the police informed Mr Hutchinson, he said he had no idea he was being stalked.

The court was told Baddeley had been a former patient of the dentist, but had complained about his dental treatment and made "bizarre" claims about his oral health.

He had told Mr Hutchinson water was entering his bloodstream and poisoning him, Mr Fryer said.

Dentist and patient parted ways in 2016, but unbeknown to Mr Hutchinson, Baddeley began "pursuing" him.

In August, Baddeley was made subject to a "comprehensive" and indefinite restraining order and jailed for 16 months -- but due to time spent on remand, was actually released the same day.

Three months later, he was arrested in Chepstow.

Mr Fryer read out a statement from Mr Hutchinson, who said his "life has completely changed" since finding out about Baddeley's stalking.

The dentist said he was awaiting counselling, doesn't feel safe in his own home, and has trouble sleeping.

"I don't want to place myself or those around me in danger," he said, adding that he now "questions the motives" of everyone he meets.

Lucy Crowther, defending, said Baddeley had admitted being in "flagrant disregard" of the restraining order but maintained he had no intention of confronting or harming Mr Hutchinson.

"His obsession became something of a hobby, but nothing more than that," she told the court.

Judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke told Baddeley that his victim was "once again absolutely terrified by your actions".

Baddeley, of Cromwell Road, Montpellier, Bristol, was jailed for two years and the indefinite restraining order will remain in place.

DC Ceri Parker, the officer in the case, said: “Tom Baddeley chose not to comply with the legal restrictions imposed on him and sought to further harass his victim.

“Breaching a restraining order is a serious matter as this sentence illustrates. These protective orders are handed down by the courts to keep people safe.

“Baddeley has failed to comprehend that. This was completely unacceptable behaviour.

“No person should have to live with the fear associated with the offence of stalking as Baddeley’s victim has.

“Gwent Police will not tolerate this form of behaviour. We take all allegations of harassment seriously and our officers will investigate them thoroughly.”