FINES will be handed out to people giving false information to Test, Trace and Protect workers in Wales.

Speaking at his coronavirus briefing today, first minster Mark Drakeford announced a range of new measures to support people who are asked to self isolate as a result of the coronavirus.

Among them was a £500 payment available to those on the lowest income.

However, Mr Drakeford said the payment came with a "risk that there is some fraud in the system".

As a result fines will be introduced in Wales for people who give false information to coronavirus trackers.

Punishments will also be introduced for employers who pressure workers to continue working despite being asked to self isolate.


The first minister said: "If there is £500 available through self isolating, then there is the risk that there is some fraud in the system.

"We have to take some measures to prevent people from making false declarations simply in order to get hold of the money.

"We also have to have some protection against employers who try to pressurise people into coming to work after they have been asked to self-isolate."

The Welsh Government will finalise plans over the weekend to introduce fixed penalty notices to those trying to cheat the system.

The level of the fine, Mr Drakeford said, must be "proportionate and do the job we want them to do".

He added: "The real emphasis has to be not on the stick, but the carrot.

"What we want people to do is the right thing.

"Almost everybody wants to do the right thing, and as a result of these announcements, it will be easier to do the right thing here in Wales."