WELSH Labour has released its list of regional candidates for the 2021 Senedd election.

The Welsh Parliament comprises 40 MSs (members of the Senedd), one representing each constituency, as well as 20 regional MSs.

The regional MSs are elected using a system through which votes are cast for parties rather than candidates. If one party wins 25 per cent of the vote, the first candidate of their list is elected, if they win 50 per cent, the first two are elected, and so on.

Standing for Welsh Labour in South Wales East next year will be: Helen Cunningham, Peter Jones, Abergavenny town councillor Mary Ann Brocklesby, and Newport city councillor Majid Rahman.

Cllr Brocklesby serves the Castle ward for Abergavenny Town Council.

Cllr Rahman serves the Victoria ward for Newport City Council and is the local authority's cabinet member for assets.

Welsh Labour said 55 per cent of its regional candidates are women, and 30 per cent of candidates are Black, Asian or minority ethnic (BAME).

Heading the regional lists for Wales at next year's election will be Welsh wellbeing minister Eluned Morgan and Mid and West Wales MS Joyce Watson.

“Now, more than ever, we need to retain our Welsh Labour Government against the threat of Plaid’s divisive nationalism and the devastation that could be inflicted on our communities if the Conservatives win in Wales," Ms Morgan said. "Welsh Labour has shielded our people and communities from the worst of Tory austerity.

“I am proud to have helped deliver our hopeful, radical agenda and look forward to building on our manifesto commitments to deliver a more equal, prosperous and greener future for our nation."

Here is the full list of regional candidates selected by Welsh Labour for the 2021 Senedd election:

­— South Wales East

1. Helen Cunningham

2. Peter Jones

3. Mary Ann Brocklesby

4. Majid Rahman

­— North Wales

1. Carolyn Thomas

2. Andy Short

3. Diane Green

4. Ryan O’Gorman

­— Mid and West Wales

1. Eluned Morgan

2. Joyce Watson

3. Helen Taylor

4. Ben Gwalchmai

­— South Wales Central

1. Ruba Sivagnanam

2. Dan De’Ath

3. Maliika Kaaba

4. Owain Williams

­— South Wales West

1. Sian James

2. Kevin Pascoe

3. Neelo Farr

4. Mahaboob Basha