IT'S shaping up to be a wet weekend in Gwent.

The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for heavy rainfall, covering Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

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This follows regular downpours throughout the past week, and the rain has already caused some problems – flooding a cemetery in Newport on Thursday.

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With the worst of the weather yet to come, Gwent Police and Monmouthshire County Council met this week for detailed planning ahead of the weekend's downpours.

Here's your hour-by-hour weekend weather forecast for Newport, with updates for the rest of Gwent.


10pm – Heavy rain, 13C

11pm – Heavy rain, 14C

Midnight – Heavy rain, 14C


1am – Overcast, 14C

2am – Overcast, 14C

3am – Overcast, 14C

4am – Light rain, 14C

5am – Light rain, 14C

6am – Heavy rain, 14C

7am – Light rain, 14C

8am – Light rain, 14C

9am – Heavy rain, 14C

10am – Heavy rain, 14C

11am – Heavy showers, 14C

Midday – Heavy showers, 14C

1pm – Heavy showers, 13C

2pm – Cloudy, 12C

3pm – Cloudy, 12C

4pm – Sunny intervals, 12C

5pm – Cloudy, 11C

6pm – Cloudy, 11C

7pm – Cloudy, 11C

8pm – Light rain, 11C

9pm – Cloudy, 11C

10pm – Light rain, 11C

11pm – Light rain, 10C

Midnight – Light rain, 10C


3am – Heavy rain, 10C

6am – Heavy rain, 12C

9am – Heavy rain, 14C

Midday – Heavy rain, 14C

3pm – Light rain, 14C

6pm – Light rain, 15C

9pm – Light rain, 16C

Midnight – Light rain, 16C

And in other parts of Gwent:

Blackwood: Heavy showers on Saturday and heavy rain on Sunday ­— highs of 14C.

Chepstow: Light rain on Saturday and heavy rain on Sunday ­— highs of 15C.

Ebbw Vale: Heavy rain on Saturday and Sunday ­— highs of 14C.

Pontypool: Heavy rain on Saturday and Sunday ­— highs of 15C.

All information from Met Office and correct as of 6.30pm on Friday, October 30.