THERE will be no international travel from Wales until the start of December, according to first minister Mark Drakeford.

When announcing the new national restrictions come into place after the fire-break lockdown ends on Monday, November 9, the first minister announced that there would be no travel restrictions within Wales itself.

But, when asked about travelling abroad as Cardiff Airport has remained open, Mr Drakeford confirmed that there would be no international travel from Wales.


“International travel will not be allowed until the beginning of December as it will not be allowed in England during that time," he said. "It doesn’t make sense to leave that possibility open to people in Wales and is something that has changed as a result of the prime minister’s announcement on the weekend.”

He has confirmed, however, that anyone travelling from abroad into the UK will be allowed to travel into Wales, and they will be faced with the same quarantine arrangements relevant to the country they came from.