THE FAMILY of a girl who was hit by a stray firework aged four have appealed for people to stay safe this bonfire night.

Rosie-May Mason, now seven, spent five weeks in Morriston Hospital in Swansea after being hit in the neck by a stray multi-shot firework at a small display at home.

Her parents, Ellie and James Mason, from Cwmbran, have urged people to stay safe if they are putting on displays at home this year.


"It will be a bit rubbish this year [with events being cancelled], and it means there's going to be a lot more home fireworks this year," said Mr Mason.

"We thought - and hoped - they wouldn't be available because of the lockdown and ban on non-essential items, but you can still go and buy them."

"A real issue this year will be if people's gardens are big enough for it to be safe," said Mrs Mason. "Even if its a case of keeping your kids inside.

"I know a lot of people grew up being outside when the fireworks are going off, we were the same - the kids were outside.

"But it just takes that one firework to make it your worst nightmare.

South Wales Argus:

Rosie-May Mason’s injuries as a result of the fireworks accident. Picture: Ellie Mason.

"We did little letters for our neighbours just to make them aware - as some don't know about Rosie's accident - that if they are having fireworks to enjoy themselves but to be safe."

"Rosie said the NHS is already busy, you don't want to add fireworks accidents to that," added Mr Mason. "The worst place you can go at the moment is to hospital."

Giving an update on how Rosie is doing now, three years after her accident, Mrs Mason said: "She was due to have surgery the summer before last, but we turned up and the surgeon said she didn't need it.

"Her physical scars have healed, but her emotional scars are still there. Her anxiety levels are high around this time of year or when she hears the bangs.

"She doesn't believe she's strong enough, but I know she is."

"After Rosie's accident, we don't do fireworks," said Mr Mason.

"At home we are able to distract her from it. So this year, she wants to put up the Christmas decorations, so we will be putting up the tree to distract her from it."

You can view safety advice and information relating to fireworks on the South Wales Fire and Rescue website.