A bubbly and charismatic individual with a vastly impressive reputation, Lauren Green at Empowered Women Fitness offers everything you could ever need to thrive in the world of exercise and health.

Here is her story and why she is the perfect person to work alongside.

Based in Cardiff, by promoting women’s fitness with exceptional products and personal online training, she provides a wealth of qualities, expertise and knowledge in a competitive industry.  

It all began 5 years ago when she went through a difficult period and events out of her control considerably affected her mindset and self-confidence.

However, through hard work and persistence, she decided to implement a small change of working out every morning before taking her children to school and as she describes it, "quite simply, fitness saved my life".

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Shortly afterwards, she became both a qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor and began to host classes every week, along with live workouts on Instagram every morning to raise spirits and to engage with her tight-knit online community during lockdown.

Fast forward to this present day, she is currently studying a strength and conditioning course at university and continues to host fitness classes and online workouts for all of her members to enjoy.

Affordable memberships are available in several different packages depending on time frame, with no two workouts the same covering cardiovascular and muscular endurance, all in which can be made through a quick and easy booking.

Under her excellent guidance, you will quickly reap both the physical and mental benefits of fun and diverse classes which consist of weight training, resistance band workouts, abs training, high-intensity interval fitness, boxing-based training, upper body training and kettlebell classes.

Not to mention that all women are closely supported with online progress tracking and are always made to feel strong, independent and on top of the world.

Finally, she also sells white cotton t-shirts which are light, comfortable and versatile, as well as fabric resistance bands which are simply perfect for a more challenging work out at home.

So, whether you are looking for high-quality equipment and gym wear, entertaining and informative classes, advice on health and exercise or are planning to start your own fitness journey, then look no further than Lauren Green at Empowered Women Fitness.

For more information on how to become part of the Empowered Women Fitness family, visit: www.empoweredwomenfitness.co.uk

Phone: 07384 705790

Email: info@empoweredwomenfitness.co.uk

Facebook: Empowered Women Health & Fitness with Lauren Green

Instagram: @empoweredwomenfitness

YouTube: Empowered Women Empower Women

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