FOUR councillors in Blaenau Gwent have quit the council’s ruling Independent party to form a new minority group.

Councillor Phil Edwards has been named the leader of the Minority Independent Group, which also includes councillors Jonathan Millard, Lyn Elias and Keith Pritchard.

Cllr Millard said he decided to leave the council’s ruling Independent group out of “frustration that things were not going the way they should be”.

“We just felt that some things were not going the right way for us as a council and for residents,” he said.


“For me it was time to step away and take stock of it.

“There were some disagreements with the way the Independent group was going and the way the council should be looking at things.”

Cllr Edwards said the four have formed a group for “reasons of procedure”, such as allowing them to still access committees.

Meanwhile councillor Mark Holland, who recently resigned from the Independent group over his 5G beliefs, has joined the S.U.N. (Save Us Now) party.

The new political party says it will “counter the collusion and crony institutions and systems undermining our freedom the rule of law, democracy and the peace of the United Kingdom”.

On its website, the party says “the main area of concern is the 5G increase”.