YOU cannot go on holiday with people in your ‘bubble’ under the new national lockdown measures.

First minister Mark Drakeford clarified this after being asked the question during today’s press conference.

The current guidelines say that you are able to form a bubble or extended household with one other household, which allows you to meet them indoors and stay overnight. However, you are only able to go on holiday with those in your immediate household.


Mr Drakeford said: “The rationale is that we are coming out of a firebreak period in a careful and cautious way. We have restored a number of important freedoms to people.

"We’ll review those regulations at two weeks and see if the position allows us to go further."

He added: “The fewer people you meet, the less journeys you make, the more you are doing to protect yourself and others.

"If we are in a better position than we are today, we will look to do more, but for today the message for people is not to be asking ‘why can’t I do this?’ and ‘why can’t I do that?’ but to ask yourselves ‘do I have to do this?’ and if you don’t have to do it, its much better that you don’t do it.

"And that will help us all to be able to get the most out of the efforts that everybody has made over the last 17 days.”