LOVE it or hate it, I’m A Celebrity returns for its 20th season tomorrow - but this year they’ve swapped Australia's Dungay Creek for the ruins of a Welsh castle.

BAFTA award-winning hosts, Ant and Dec, will return to present the series with each each episode airing live from North Wales' Gwyrch Castle on ITV, although prior to the announcement there was speculation of which Welsh castle would host the show - the head of the castle's Trust even initially thought the request from ITV was a hoax.

As usual the celebrities will undertake gruelling trials and challenges, aiming to win food and treats for their camp, but there can only be one winner - for the first time ever there will be a King or Queen of the Castle.

I'm A Celebrity will be sponsored by bingo site Tombola for the fourth year in a row; Tombola arcade have more than £500k of prizes to be won during the series - including 'Bug Match' which is a free to play game offering prizes from £5 to £10,000.

The first episode of I'm A Celebrity will air on ITV from 9pm tomorrow.

Let's take a quick look at this year's star-studded line-up (and what makes them squirm!)

TV Presenter - Vernon Kay

South Wales Argus:

Picture: ITV

Vernon Kay signed up to I'm A Celebrity hoping to make his daughters, Phoebe and Amber, who regularly watch the show, proud - although he knows he's a big softie and will likely cry on the show.

His phobias include confined spaces and being underwater and he hopes his role will involved keeping high spirits in the camp.

Mr Kay said: “I have not thought about winning. I just want to embrace it for what it is."

Broadcaster & Journalist - Victoria Derbyshire

South Wales Argus:

Picture: ITV

BBC's Victoria Derbyshire battled and beat breast cancer, which inspired her to say "yes" to more things, including I'm A Celebrity.

Her phobias include spiders and confined spaces, and she hopes to be a shoulder to cry on for camp mates.

Ms Derbyshire wants to make her sons and husband proud; adding that she doesn't think she will win but if she did it would be "unbelievable."

Star of Stage & Screen - Shane Richie

South Wales Argus:

Picture: ITV

Former EastEnders star, and all-round entertainer, Shane Richie has been asked to take part in previous years - as this series marks their 20th anniversary he finally took up the offer.

His phobia is human faces, and he hopes his role will be as a person who will muck in with anything (other than cleaning the camp loo, by the sounds of it!)

The 56-year old said: “To make the kids proud would be so nice. They were too young for the height of Alfie Moon and they have only seen Daddy dressed as a drag queen!”

Paralympic Gold Medallist - Hollie Arnold MBE

South Wales Argus:

Picture: ITV

Hollie Arnold hopes to inspire viewers to follow their dreams - although she adds: "I don't want it to be about my disability."

Her phobia is spiders, and she hopes to be a camp cook and a shoulder to cry on (but admits she is emotional and will probably cry at some point).

When asked about winning I'm A Celebrity, Ms Arnold said: “I haven’t thought about it as you get lost in thought.

“But if I could get that far, it would be incredible and it would change my life!”

Radio 1 DJ - Jordan North

South Wales Argus:

Picture: ITV

Jordan North should be an interesting watch, as the DJ admits he is petrified of everything - he's even scared of letting his camp mates down, so said he will give the trials his "best go."

His phobias are too many to list, and he hopes to be an entertainer and camp cleaner.

Although he is single, he insists he won't be at the Castle looking for love, adding: "I just want to have fun and this is something that will stick with you forever. The fact I am going to be doing it doesn't seem real."

Corrie Icon - Beverley Callard

South Wales Argus:

Picture: ITV

Known to millions as Corrie's Liz McDonald, actress Beverley Callard thinks viewers may be shocked to learn she's not glamorous despite her on and off role of more than 30 years.

Her phobias are insects and ghosts - rumour has it that Gwrych Castle is haunted, with multiple reports of paranormal sightings, so she may already be on edge.

The 63-year-old describes herself as a "rubbish" cook so hopes to take on the role of camp cleaner.

When asked if she thinks she could be Queen of the Castle she said: "I won’t win. But I must say that because this year has been really lonely for everyone, I feel quite lucky that the end of the year for me will be this amazing experience."

Ballroom Dancer - AJ Pritchard

South Wales Argus:

Picture: ITV

Strictly Come Dancing's AJ Pritchard is a super fan of I'm A Celebrity and said taking part will be a "childhood dream come true." He also hopes taking part will help people see the "real" him, beneath all the sparkles and fake tan.

His phobias are confined spaces and heights. He hopes to help keep camp mates spirits up, along with helping keep the camp clean.

When asked whether he'd like to be crowned King of the Castle, AJ Pritchard gave a resounding "yes."

Author & Podcaster - Giovanna Fletcher

South Wales Argus:

Picture: ITV

Podcaster and wife of McFly's Tom Fletcher, Giovanna Fletcher, revealed that her family has done their own eating challenges, aiming to eat vegetables really fast - but runner beans may be child's play, compared with the disgusting dishes on I'm A Celebrity.

Her biggest phobia is heights which make her legs go "wobbly" and she hopes to be the camp mum, friend and giver of hugs.

Ms Fletcher said: “Being Queen would be an absolute joy, but I haven’t thought that far ahead. Just doing the show is incredible because I am such a massive fan.”

Olympic Legend - Sir Mo Farah CBE

South Wales Argus:

Picture: ITV

Double Olympic medal winner, Sir Mo Farah, thinks people may be surprised that he's on this year's I'm A Celebrity but is "excited" to be outside his comfort zone.

His phobia is "anything that moves - all animals" but he's not too bothered about heights or ghosts. He's not concerned about a diet of mainly rice and beans, but has admitted he'll miss coffee during his stay at the castle.

Despite his gold medals, Mo Farah is unsure whether he could be crowned King, saying: "Hopefully I can do well but I don’t know if I am going to be booted out in the first week."

Soap Star - Jessica Plummer

South Wales Argus:

Picture: ITV

Former EastEnders actress, Jessica Plummer, has been deemed "mental" by her family for swapping her luxuries for a stay at the Welsh castle.

The 28-year-old admits she has "just about every phobia" including arachnophobia and a fear of heights. She hopes to be the camp's little sister and chatterbox.

Fears aside, she has said taking part in I'm A Celebrity will be a "huge experience" and a "once in a lifetime opportunity.

How long is each episode of I'm A Celebrity? And when will they air?

  • E1 - Sunday, November 15 (9pm - 10.35pm)
  • E2 - Monday, November 16 (9pm - 10pm)
  • E3 - Tuesday, November 17 (9.15pm - 10.20pm)
  • E4 - Wednesday, November 18 (9pm - 10pm)
  • E5 - Thursday, November 19 (9pm - 10.20pm)
  • E6 - Friday, November 20 (9pm - 10.35pm)
  • E7 - Saturday, November 21 (8.45pm - 9.50pm)
  • E8 - Sunday, November 22 (9pm - 10.20pm)
  • E9 - Monday, November 23 (9pm - 10pm)
  • E10 - Tuesday, November 24 (9.15pm - 10.15pm)
  • E11 - Wednesday, November 25 (9pm - 10pm)
  • E12 - Thursday, November 26 (9pm - 10.05pm)
  • E13 - Friday, November 27 (9pm - 10.20pm)
  • E14 - Saturday, November 28 (8.30pm - 9.35pm)
  • E15 - Sunday, November 29 (9pm - 10.35pm)
  • E16 - Monday, November 30 (9pm - 10.25pm)
  • E17 - Tuesday, December 1 (9pm-10.25pm)
  • E18 - Wednesday, December 2 (9pm - 10.25pm)
  • E19 - Thursday, December 3 (9pm - 10.05pm)
  • E20 THE FINAL - Friday, December 4 (9pm-10.35pm)

What is The Daily Drop?

Brand new companion show, The Daily Drop, will air exclusively on the ITV Hub with each episode available from 6am the morning after each I'm A Celebrity episode.

Radio presenter Vick Hope will host - along with a panel of guests - in a virtual studio, offering fans the chance to delve deeper into the action from camp, plus hear the latest gossip, opinions and debates.

South Wales Argus:

Vick Hope - Picture: ITV

Once celebrities start leaving the castle they'll feature on The Daily Drop to share their experience of camp life.

Ms Hope said: "I'm so excited to be hosting I'm A Celebrity...The Daily Drop on ITV Hub.

"I’m A Celeb is a brilliant show, loved by so many, and exactly what we all need right now. I’m very grateful to get to be a part of the stellar team behind it and can’t wait to see what this series has in store!

"I just know they’re going to go massive this year for the 20th anniversary, and give the audience absolutely top-drawer thrills and spills."

What else should I know?

Fans will also be able to access non-stop digital coverage of I'm a Celebrity across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and - new to this year - TikTok.

Plus, the official 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!' phone app gives viewers access to the latest camp news and gossip, play along with the action, and vote (for free) on who they want to stay in the Castle.

The app also includes polls, videos, selfie filters, quizzes and the opportunity to react to the camp's latest news.