ONE in four Welsh parents say they have seen a visible decline in their child's educational progress since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Almost 25 per cent (24 per cent) of parents say their children are now scoring lower on assessed work.

And nearly half (49 per cent) feel their child has fallen out of a routine with regards to their education and their motivation to work has also declined.

Bertie Hubbard, co-founder and chief executive of MyTutor, said more support is needed to help pupils through the uncertain period.

He said: “2020 has been the most disrupted school year in the UK for 75 years, and with autumn resits coming up, many are feeling more anxious than ever.

"With the added pressure of getting their learning on track while the pandemic ensues, teens will benefit from extra support to help them get the grades they deserve.

"At MyTutor, our tutors are perfectly placed to give teens the academic support they need during this challenging time.

"They’re all subject experts handpicked from UK unis, with recent exam experience and up-to-date curriculum knowledge to help kids do their best on exam day.

"Because they’re close in age, they’re great at relating to teens and explaining things in a way they’ll understand."


The study also revealed that six per cent of parents worry their child's mental health is the worst it has ever been as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Some Gwent parents agreed with the findings, pointing out it was inevitable that attainment would drop with the loss of teaching time.

Gaynor Kitcher said: "Especially with the repeated bouts of isolating the whole year group do for one positive coronavirus case.

"We'll just be going round in circles if this continues with our children losing more and more education.

"My children's schools are great but nothing takes the place of face-to-face teaching."

Others also praised schools for their work during the pandemic, particularly over the summer.

Heather Symonds said: "My son's school has been fantastic.

"I am so pleased with them.

"It wasn't their fault that exams were cancelled in the summer but the teachers were a constant support to my son and the other pupils.

"They have been calling, emailing, texting and keeping us informed about what is going on, where to get extra work online and how to keep focussed.

"They are frequently calling and emailing to check that our son is coping well during lockdown and ensuring him he can talk to them if he needs it."