THESE six criminals were recently handed prison sentences for drug dealing, dangerous driving and affray.

We look at their crimes and punishment.

Jack Bennett

South Wales Argus:

Clive Bennett

South Wales Argus:

Harley Southway

South Wales Argus:

Brothers Jack Bennett, 26 and Clive Bennett, 27, and their partner in crime Harley Southway, 28, went on the rampage during a drunken stag do in Abergavenny.

Customers were brutally attacked in the Auberge pub, a shopper punched in Tesco and a policeman bitten during an orgy of violence.

At Newport Crown Court, Judge Richard Twomlow told the defendants: “This was an absolutely disgraceful incident in which mayhem was caused by drunken young men.”

Jack Bennett, who admitted affray and causing actual bodily harm, was jailed for 12 months.

Southway, who pleaded guilty to affray, actual bodily harm and assaulting an emergency worker, was sent to prison for 18 months.

Clive Bennett, who admitted assaulting an emergency worker, was locked up for six months.

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Daniel Williams

South Wales Argus:

Kaine Peterson

South Wales Argus:

Two cocaine dealers who sent out text messages to hundreds of potential clients marketing their goods were jailed nearly six years.

Daniel Williams, 29, of no fixed abode, Newport, and Kaine Peterson, 21, of Lime Crescent, Newport, and were locked up for three years and 32 months respectively.

At Cardiff Crown Court, Marian Lewis, prosecuting, told how the pair were caught after mobile phone analysis by detectives unravelled their "substantial" operation.

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Geraint Coombes

South Wales Argus:

A 4x4 driver left a cyclist seriously hurt after he ran him over while changing music on Spotify on his mobile phone as he sped along a dual carriageway.

The injuries Geraint Coombes caused teacher and family man Edward Taylor meant he couldn’t look after his terminally ill wife during the last days of her life.

The former solider, 32, of Bryn Rhedyn, Mornington Meadows, Caerphilly, admitted causing serious injury by dangerous driving and perverting the course of justice.

Coombes was jailed for 27 months and banned from driving for more than three years.