YOUNG Flynn Cooper was so eager to come into the world he could not wait to be born in Gwent's new multi-million pound Grange University Hospital.

Staff at the hospital, which opened on Tuesday, have already celebrated the birth of the site's first baby, Poppy Brooks.

And luckily they were on hand to help out when Flynn made his earlier than expected appearance - in the hospital's car park as evening fell on that opening day.

Despite not being due to arrive until November 21, Flynn Raymond Colin Cooper was so excited to meet his family, including big brother Freddie, that he arrived four days early, before mum and dad - Chelsea Waite and Ieuan Cooper, from Blackwood - could even get through the hospital door.

Ms Waite, 26, said: “I had a 'sweep' [during an examination] at around midday at the hospital in Ystrad Mynach and my contractions started straight away - but they weren’t close enough together to concern me.

“At around 4.15pm my contractions were getting more regular, so I called the Grange Hospital, and they asked me to wait for them to get stronger.

“About an hour later I called them, because my contractions were three minutes apart, lasting about a minute, so we dropped Freddie to his nanny's and made our way over.

“We had only just pulled up outside the Grange’s main entrance when Flynn decided he didn’t want to wait, and was born at roughly 6.10pm.

“Flynn is the first baby to be born within the hospital grounds without getting through the front door.”

South Wales Argus:

Picture: Aneurin Bevan University Health Board

Dr Chris Chick, a consultant radiologist who has not helped to deliver a baby since 1995, happened to be passing when he heard Ms Waite's screams, and rushed over to help.

He called for assistance and - joined by healthcare support workers Jordan Oliver and Paige Edwards - managed to deliver baby Flynn safely, and kept him warm until midwives and Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust staff arrived on the scene to take over.

South Wales Argus:

Dr Chris Chick


Baby Flynn weighed a healthy seven pounds and 12 ounces, and was discharged home at 10pm that evening.

Fifteen-month-old Freddie met his little brother the following day and “had a little look” but was more interested in eating his animal crackers, said Ms Waite.

“My friends have said that Flynn’s birth in the car park is something that could probably only happen to me.

“I’ve seen it happen on TV, watching One Born Every Minute, but I never imagined it would happen to me.

“We’ll remind Flynn as he grows up that he’ll go down in history at the Grange - the midwife that checked us over told me that I’m known as ‘car park lady’.

“It’s something for him to be told about when he gets older - we can embarrass him when he gets his first girlfriend."

South Wales Argus:

The first official photo of baby Flynn

Ms Waite said she and Mr Cooper were just about to park in the main car park and walk in together when her waters broke suddenly, and she could feel the baby’s head.

"By the time my partner pulled up outside the front doors I was in hysterics,” she said.

“I can’t believe how quickly Flynn came. From my waters breaking to him being born, the whole process was around five minutes.

"We were in shock because I was in labour for more than 16 hours with my first child.

“I was on all fours outside the car and Dr Chick managed to catch Flynn as he came out.

"Dr Chick and the other staff were amazing - they came to help me so quickly.

“The hospital is lovely and I was so relieved to be in such a modern and safe environment. We had a private en suite room, so I could take a shower and I immediately felt better.

“When I video called my family, they thought I was telling them I was in labour - but they were shocked to see Flynn already in my arms.

“After all the drama outside the hospital, it was very calm and relaxing and I was home by 10.30pm the same evening."

“We’re both so thankful for all the help and support from the staff at the Grange Hospital that helped deliver and look after Flynn.”

“He has settled in lovely at home, taken really well to breast feeding, and has slept like a dream so far.”