WHEN 18-year-old Dion Seaborne went to A&E with a sore back earlier this month, the last thing she expected to come home with was a baby daughter.

In fact, the first thing she knew about her impending motherhood was when she went to the toilet at the Royal Gwent Hospital's A&E department on Friday, November 6 - and baby Lilly-May made her very unexpected entrance.

Ms Seaborne, of Griffithstown, said: "My back had been sore for about three days and I thought I had hurt it in work, so I went to the hospital to find out what was wrong. Because of Covid-19 restrictions I was there by myself. I'd been seen, had my blood pressure and temperature taken and was waiting to be seen again.


"It was about 3am and I needed to go to the toilet. I was pushing and pushing and the next thing Lilly-May was born. I had to shout for a nurse to come and help me because I couldn't reach the emergency button and at this point Lilly-May was in the toilet.

"They got her out of the toilet and took her off to get cleaned up. And then I was able to hold her and was taken to the maternity ward.

"I found it terrifying. I have never been so scared in my life."

Ms Seaborne then had to make what must have been one of the most unusual phone calls of her life to partner Callum Morris, also 18.

She said: "When I rang Callum to tell him that he was a dad to a little girl, he was so surprised he went upstairs to wake his mum up to tell her because it was 4am. He came down to the hospital to bring me some clothes and things and that's when he met Lilly-May for the first time.

South Wales Argus:

Callum Morris and Dion Seaborne with their surprise new arrival Lilly-May

"His face was a picture. He couldn't stop smiling, saying he loves her and giving her cuddles.

"Everyone was so shocked when they found out I had a baby because that's not what I went to hospital for. Everyone was congratulating me for giving birth to a beautiful baby girl.

"My family are in love with her. It's the best thing that could have happened to them."

South Wales Argus:

Callum Morris with his surprise new daughter Lilly-May

Ms Seaborne, who works at Burger King and turned 18 at the end of August, said: "I was still having my regular periods so it never crossed my mind that I could be pregnant. I was feeling normal. I didn't have any food cravings, my feet didn't swell and my clothes even fitted me the same. I didn't feel any different. I hadn't put on any weight, in fact everyone was telling me I'd lost some weight.

"When I think about it, I was doing everything I shouldn't have been doing if I'd known I was pregnant. I was working lifting heavy boxes. I went clubbing for my 18th birthday but luckily I'm not a big drinker.

"And in the summer I went to Barry with my boyfriend and his family and went on the fair including the waltzers."

South Wales Argus:

Baby Lilly-May Morris is doing just fine

Following Lilly-May's birth, Ms Seaborne was kept in hospital for 24 hours just to make sure everything was okay with her and her new daughter.

She said: "I couldn't wait to take the baby home to meet her dad and his family, who we live with. It felt weird walking out of the hospital with a newborn baby.

"It has been brilliant. We have been coping really well being parents to Lilly-May. She has settled in well and loves getting spoilt by everyone."

The couple's new arrival made her entrance while Wales was in its recent firebreak lockdown, but Ms Seaborne said she was allowed to buy clothes and equipment for their baby as they were deemed essential to the couple.

She is now enjoying an unexpected maternity leave with her 'perfectly healthy' daughter.