HAS your life been improved by a doctor or surgeon whose tenacity has led to the diagnosis and treatment of an ailment, a nurse whose dedication has meant a huge amount to a member of your family or a pharmacy that’s gone the extra mile to ensure a loved one has the medication they need?

Perhaps you want to sing the praises of the team at your GP practice, both the medics and the backroom staff; the care home that’s come up with wonderful ways to make life more enjoyable for an elderly relative or a volunteer whose selfless commitment makes such a difference.

And don’t forget the domiciliary care workers who enable a loved one to remain in their own home, support workers whose cheerfulness make everybody’s day or fantastic examples of teamwork you’ve come across.

This year, above all others, we’ve had extra reason to be thankful for our health and care workers, all of whom have had to perform roles that in normal times are physically and emotionally demanding enough without the added challenges presented by personal protective equipment (PPE) and worries over the ever-present risks presented by Covid-19.

The South Wales Argus Health & Care Awards, held in association with t2, has been celebrating the achievements of individuals and teams for several years, in which time we’ve shared wonderful examples of people whose passion and commitment shine as a beacon of hope and renew our faith in humanity.

The next couple of days represent your opportunity to thank those health and care workers who have helped you and your family by nominating them for one, or more, of the 16 accolades at this year’s event.

Anybody can send in a nomination for the South Wales Argus Health & Care Awards by simply filling out the form on this page or visiting: https://www.southwalesargus.co.uk/healthandcareawards and telling us why you think an individual or team is worthy of praise.

Don’t leave it a moment longer: nominations close on Sunday November 22.

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