A CAERPHILLY school has been awarded for their commitment to children's wellbeing.

Hendre Infants School received the 'Wellbeing Award for School' (WAS) following the NURTURE vision statement at the school, which puts wellbeing at the centre of everything they do.

The WAS has given the school a framework to work towards, and had given the school "helpful" signposts enabling them to improve their practice.


Headteacher of Hendre Infants School, Andrea Brett-Harris, said: “I am proud to have achieved this award and I feel it truly reflects the ethos of the school.

"As an Infants school we value the importance of ‘getting it right’ from the beginning and teaching the children the importance of managing their emotions and being able to self regulate so that they become resilient, respectful, ambitious and happy individuals.

"Training for all staff and a team approach has ensured all stakeholders have bought into the vision.

"Our children are happy and emotionally intelligent individuals because we nurture our children to have belief in themselves in order that they can achieve their very best."

Hendre Infants School's motto is "Nurture, believe, achieve."

Therese Hoyle, who verified the award, said: “I am delighted to award Hendre Infants the Wellbeing Award for Schools.

“This reflects the impact that the school, staff, students and parents’ commitments to emotional wellbeing and good mental health has achieved across the school.

"I saw a wide range of outstanding practice and would encourage the school to capture their experience in a case study, to share with colleagues and Optimus Education.”